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Aware of the importance of sustainable activities, a variety of green measures have been defined to influence staff and supplier attitudes, and to make our guests aware of the importance of a rational use of natural resources.

MH Peniche is the most ecological hotel in Portugal, with a wide range of solutions that minimise its environmental impact:
  • Photovoltaic Energy - 720 Photovoltaic panels installed over a 5000 square metre area, giving a 107-ton reduction in CO2 emitted per year, and with 180 kW of installed power.
  • Thermal Solar Energy – MH Peniche has 90 solar panels with a production capacity of 147,988 Kwh per year, and MH Atlantico has 100 solar panels with a production capacity of 178,498 Kwh per year. MH Peniche has a double plumbing network to reuse and treat all the water used by the guests and reintroduce it into the network for use in cisterns and for irrigation.

MH Peniche and MH Atlântico use LED lighting throughout their buildings, all their equipment has A++ energy efficiency characteristics, they recycle all the waste produced, and they have signalling campaigns for guests relating to energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint.

MH Peniche has an internal television channel dedicated to energy efficiency with a display of the energy that is currently being produced from renewable sources, and for charging electrical vehicles.

Interactive programmes have been created with public and private entities in the region, followed up with educational and awareness activities in our local community.
Starting with architecture designed to integrate perfectly into their landscapes, the MH Hotels stand out due to their quality, competitiveness and environmental performance.

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