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Meet MH Hotels – the most complete player in the market at the Corporate Meetings level in Portugal.


Located in a privileged location, it is in the central west of Portugal, less than 60 minutes from Lisbon Airport. The MH Hotels complex has a huge area availability, divided into two large areas - MH Peniche and MH Atlântico - which have 234 rooms and more than 25 spaces of various sizes and functions.


A combination of modernism, comfort and elegance, framed in an environment of sea and beach, allowing a unique experience, excellence and a high degree of customization in a pleasant environment in contact with nature.


In order to remain the best Corporate Meetings in Portugal, we have non-negotiable values: Credibility; Consistency; Competence and Flexibility.


sala_planaria deisposi‡ֶo diferente.jpg

See the differentials of MH Hotels

MH Hotels is the most complete player on the market at the Corporate Meetings level in Portugal and has unique features that make all the difference in the success of your event!


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